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        Templar Academie of America
  Training Division of the OMSDT-USA

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"An important part of the Order to which I belong to is the Templar Academy. It offers many great classes to help every member on their Templar journey to learn more about the Templars, our Order and deepen one's faith."

Grand Prior Derek Nordio

The Templar Academie Where the Spirit of Learning is the Templar Way.

The Templar Academie is where training is conducted on an OMSDT-USA Order-wide scale. There are courses provided in Basic Training, Templar History, Virtues of Knighthood, Leadership and Ministry, Protocols, and there are more coming soon. You must be a fully vetted member of the OMSDT-USA to attend the Templar Academie of America.

The OMSDT-USA is committed to providing our Templars with a solid foundation and support as they embark on their Templar path. Visit the Join page from the drop-down menu options and fill out an application today and begin your journey.


Templar Academie of America Mission Statement

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To educate, train, and inspire each Templar to embrace and exercise their own God-given gifts and leadership style, so that each graduate is recognized as a person of integrity and character, committed to their Christian faith as lived through the Knightly Virtues, and prepared for excellence in dedication and service to GOD, their family, community, nation, priory, and the OMSDT-USA. 

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